Streaming Your Faith

Ready for something different to download? Here are four suggestions from the Concord-Carlisle Catholic Collaborative media committee. You don’t even need to leave your house to access them. Look for more recommendations each week.

*Libby, hoopla, and kanopy are digital platforms that enable you to download free movies, TV shows, ebooks, and audio books using your public library card. Ask at either the Concord or Carlisle public libraries.

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The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis (January 2016)–available as an ebook or audio book through the Libby app.*

In his first book published as Pope, Francis invites all humanity to an intimate and personal dialogue on the subject closest to his heart—mercy—which has long been the cornerstone of his faith and is now the central teaching of his papacy.

The Name of God Is Mercy resonates with Pope Francis’ desire to reach all those who are looking for meaning in life, a road to peace and reconciliation, and the healing of physical and spiritual wounds. It is being published in more than eighty countries around the world.

Walking with C. S. Lewis: A Spiritual Journey Through His Life and Writings. Six standalone 30-minute lectures introduce the viewer to C.S. Lewis and his major works, which include such spiritual classics as Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. Presenter Professor Tony Ash witnesses as to how his encounter with Lewis’s writings as a young husband animated his own Christian experience. Lewis’s journey from atheist to committed Christian is relatable for many. Streaming to your home on hoopla.*

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The God Minute, “Prayer on the Go,” an outreach of the Vincentians, Western Province. Choose from seven ways to listen, all of which are free: Spotify, on the Web at, Podcast, YouTube, App, Facebook, and Twitter. Search your preferred platform for “The God Minute.”
Each day The God Minute offers ten minutes of music, prayer, and reflection on-demand, at your convenience. The podcasts follow a pattern: Monday and Tuesday, for example, are based on the Liturgy of the Hours; Saturday offers a reflection on the Sunday Mass readings.
We use the App on our iPhone. Every day features a one-line prayer, such as, “I call upon You, hear me O God.” You can configure your phone to sound a tone three times a day at random times: say, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. That tone is your call to prayer—to remember God’s goodness and perhaps repeat the daily petition.

Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin, SJ (2014, 553 pages) Available through local libraries and as an ebook; audiobook (18 hours) on hoopla**

A gifted storyteller and spiritual director, Father James Martin, SJ, invites readers to experience the stories of the Gospels in a completely new, vivid, and exciting way to gain a deeper understanding of Jesus. Moving sequentially through the Gospels, considering not only familiar passages but also the "hidden life" of Jesus, the book offers a bold retelling of the life of Christ, faithful to the Christian tradition, while meditating on parts of the narrative that have often escaped notice.

Martin re-creates the world of first-century Galilee and Judea to usher us into Jesus's life and times and reveal how Jesus speaks to us today. Jesus: A Pilgrimage is an invitation to know Jesus as Messiah and Savior, as well as friend and brother.

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*Our suggestions are meant to help you deepen your relationship with God. Some are specifically Catholic; some are not, but all are intended to aid your Christian journey.

Available at the Saint Irene Library or online

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  • The Fisherman's Tomb - The True Story of the Vatican's Secret Search

  • A quest to discover the long-lost burial place of the Apostle Peter


   A Texas oilman. A brilliant female archaeologist. An unknown world underneath the Vatican.

   In 1939, a team of workers beneath the Vatican unearthed an early Christian grave. This surprising discovery launched a secret quest that would last decades — a quest to discover the long-lost burial place of the Apostle Peter.

From earliest times, Christian tradition held that Peter — a lowly fisherman from Galilee, whom Christ made leader of his Church — was executed in Rome by Emperor Nero and buried on Vatican Hill. But his tomb had been lost to history. Now, funded anonymously by a wealthy American, a small army of workers embarked on the dig of a lifetime.

The incredible, sometimes shocking, story of the 75-year search and its key players has never been fully told — until now. The quest would pit one of the 20th century’s most talented archaeologists — a woman — against top Vatican insiders. The Fisherman’s Tomb is a story of the triumph of faith and genius against all odds.

One of the greatest Catholic minds of the twentieth century was a journalist, a playwright, a novelist, a literary critic, a poet, a cartoonist, an essayist, a broadcaster, and even president of the Detection Club. But he was also a theologian. G. K. Chesterton, famous for defending Christian belief in his books Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man could not help thinking theologically - even when he was making jokes - and his writings illuminate the profoundest religious themes. In his hands, Christian truth is rescued from becoming a purely academic exercise. He gives us an 'experience of the fullness and many-sidedness of the truth, in which the Christian can romp without a care'. In fact, like Lewis, Chesterton, who was one of the great converts of the twentieth century, draws us directly into an encounter with the Word of God, showing us the faith of the Church as most of us have never seen it before: 'a new continent full of strange flowers and fantastic animals, which is at once wild and hospitable.' 
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No wonder Pope Benedict XVI told us that 'in every age the path to faith can take its bearings by converts'. Essential reading for anyone who already loves Chesterton, the book is also and more importantly a new kind of introduction to theology. It throws fresh light on the oldest of questions: the existence of God, the nature of man and the Church, the meaning of Christ, and the call to holiness. This is the 'wake-up call' that many intelligent Catholics have been waiting to hear. 
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A Tremendous Breakthrough in the study of St. Joseph! There are few subjects so challenging to authors as St. Joseph. So says scholar Scott Hahn in his foreword to this book. Yet the pages that follow give not merely glimpses, but Vistas, of St. Joseph's World. Hahn continues: You'll learn about Nazareth and how it was created almost ex nihilo shortly before Joseph's birth. You will learn about religious Practice And Education in that place and time. You will travel to Egypt and encounter the fascinating settlements of Jews in that land. You will also find out how a carpenter worked In those days: what tools he used, what items he crafted, where he got his training and how he got to and from his job sites. This book provides an imaginative entry into one of the most important lives in all of history. A life too often obscured by later legends.